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So Big Chrubil is about stories, usually creating them but sometimes pulling them apart to find what works and what doesn’t. If you like to apply critical theory to pop culture, regularly treat popular entertainment with the gravity it requires, and still struggle to find a use for your BA in English Literature (with a minor in Gender Studies), you might get into Chrubil.

Rai is a continuing English student with a smattering of short published works. You may even know her from the ancient Let’s Read she once did of the Twilight Saga (warning: incredibly embarrassing 20 year old). She still does Let’s Reads of speculative fiction–particularly the sillier ones–but you might also enjoy the writing exercises or the #TwineTuesdays. Next time she gets published, she’ll let you know.

“Chrubil” was the eight year old’s attempt at sounding out the word “trouble.” Sometimes what we think we hear isn’t all there is to it.

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twitter: @Rai_Cole