Health Disclaimer

“Fields of Gold” – Archangel12

I have a cluster of chronic illnesses that sometimes gang up on me all at once–Hashimoto’s disease, which feeds into chronic fatigue; fibromyalgia, which piggybacks on my Hashimoto’s sometimes; and Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which, when unmanaged, exacerbates both my fatigue and my pain.

When one or two or all three of these go into overdrive, I’m a mess of physical and mental distress, and I have learned to (poorly) cope with this by withdrawing completely from just about everything. It’s a big problem and it’s affected my personal and professional life for years–one of the many reasons why I’m content to just have a no-frills blog, for the moment.

What I need readers to takeaway from this is: if posting suddenly drops off and no one has heard anything from me in two to three weeks, please send me an encouraging emailOdds are good I’m not in my right mind and trapped on a spinning tea cup ride of pain and terror. Just a single note can help remind me that everything’s going to be okay.

And thank you guys for your understanding. ❤